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The Marketing and Service Distribution Outline of Tianye Drip Irrigation Technology

        This technology launched the first 667 hectares with drip irrigation technology under mulch film in Daqing of Heilongjiang province from beginning in 2004, till now, the technology have applied into field of 66.7 thousands hectares for 38 kinds of crops in Heilongjiang province. Implemented the projects of 6.7 thousand hectares for the first phase in 2010 in Jilin province, and post-projects are continued this year. Project of drip irrigation maize in 3.33 thousand hectares in Zhangjiakou Hebei launched, projects in Gansu province of 2.73 thousand hectares are implemented normally. The drip irrigation projects of fields concentrated up to 667 hectares in Henan and Inner Mongolia start up in succession. Barren Mountain afforesting project of Yaowang hill of Potala Palace in Tibet got high praise from Tibet government.

      After inspection, leaders from Guangxi autonomous region introduced the Tianye sugarcane drip irrigation technology, and the project goes smoothly. Sugarcane drip irrigation demonstration area achieved yield increasing by 40%, water saving by 60% or so, and the highest yield up to 10 tones/667m². Water saving irrigation citrus project of 3.3 thousand hectares has planned to implement in Zigui, Hubei province. The demonstration areas of banana and Rubber tree in Hainan, and grape on the mountain land and mango in Yunnan have been established one by one.

     “667 thousand-hectare drip irrigation agriculture water saving project” of Liaoning province launched with the aid of Tianye Group, which constructs new “two-way, win-win” cooperation mode and becomes the biggest exporting project of agriculture technology and agriculture service of Xinjiang to other aiding provinces.

     Now driven by Tianye drip irrigation technology under mulch film, the area of high efficiency water saving irrigation has applied into the field of  2.5 million hectares in Xinjiang, and above 80% farm lands have used drip irrigation technology under mulch film.

 Opening ceremony for launching “667 thousand hectares of drip irrigation agriculture water saving engineering project in Liaoning” on Sep 26, 2011.

Ceremony for cooperation agreement signing the governments of Jiangzhou district, Chongzuo, Guangxi province, and Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Ltd., Co. for “20-thousand-hectare sugarcane high efficiency water saving irrigation project”